Who We Are

About VHCA

Virginia Health Care Association’s mission is to promote the delivery of quality extended health care services through leadership, information, education, collective action and collaborative efforts with other providers and citizen groups so that quality health care services along a continuum of care are available to all citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Who We Are

The Virginia Health Care Association (VHCA), based in Richmond, Virginia, is a membership organization of nearly 300 licensed nursing and assisted living facilities.

VHCA provides its members with continuing education programs as well as counseling and advisory services in many areas including legislative monitoring and long term care advocacy, regulatory compliance, payment and reimbursement, communications, and public relations.

VHCA members are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care and enhancing the quality of life for individuals needing traditional long term residential nursing home, sub-acute or short-term care, rehabilitative and assisted living services.

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