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Behavioral Health: Care Process for Residents With Dementia Webinar Series

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March 14, 16, 21, and 22 | 10:00 – 11:30 am

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This four-part webinar series led by Barbara Speedling is designed to assist both nursing facilities and assisted living communities in the development of systems and program to optimize the quality of life and function of residents in long term care (LTC) settings. You’ll learn about improving approaches to meeting the health, psychosocial and behavioral health needs of all residents, especially those with dementia.

You will gain the information and resources needed to create systems to facilitate rapid and focused recognition and response to psychosocial and behavioral health needs in the following ways:

  • Communicating behavioral management or mental/psychosocial interventions that should be carried out between disciplines and to direct care staff timely and consistently;
  • Reviewing behavior and/or mental/psychosocial symptoms and the roles various disciplines play in the management of behavioral and/or mental/psychosocial symptoms on an ongoing basis;
  • Communicating what, when, and to whom to report indications of behavioral, mental and/or emotional status changes to all caregivers; and
  • Monitoring implementation of the care plan, effectiveness of interventions, and any changes in symptoms that have occurred over time on an ongoing basis.


Session Descriptions

March 14: Session One

The intent and objectives of this course are reviewed in tandem with the revised federal regulations for trauma-informed care and behavioral health. The numbers of LTC residents with dementia grows every day, resulting in new challenges to achieving quality of life and psychosocial wellbeing. This conversation offers a fresh perspective on developing a person-centered assessment and care plan process.

March 16: Session Two

Dementia affects every individual differently. This conversation explores the most effective methods to capture a truly person-centered view of the individual. Addressing the needs of each resident requires a holistic approach to understanding the pre-dementia personality and lifestyle. Co-morbid conditions, such as depression or anxiety, require careful consideration in the development of the care plan. This session revisits some of the tools introduced during the dementia focused survey project and their value in today’s assessment process.

 March 21: Session Three

How do you measure the quality of life of an individual? How do you describe the culture of your LTC community? In this session, we will explore the elements and circumstances that resulted in an environment that is truly livable. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on LTC as an industry and as individual communities. This session offers a blueprint for rebuilding your community and achieving the cultural confidence and trauma informed perspective required to promote healing and recovery.

March 22: Session Four

The revised regulations for residents’ rights require that we establish clear criteria for establishing capacity, particularly as it relates to the admission to and discharge from a secure memory care unit. In this final conversation, we will review the elements required for a compliant memory care environment.  Additionally, we will review the intent and value of utilizing the Quality Assurance Performance Improvement process to ensure that your hard work is sustained over time.


Barbara Speedling | Quality of Life Specialist | Innovations for Quality Living

Barbara Speedling, an inspirational and motivational speaker, is an author, educator, and management consultant at the forefront of person-centered care. An innovator with more than 30 years of practical experience within the adult care community, Speedling is the expert providers turn to when they want to ensure that the services they provide meet not only the physical needs of their residents, but their emotional and psychosocial needs as well.

In addition to her degree in healthcare administration, Speedling is an accomplished musician and artist. She uses those talents to develop new and creative ways of reaching out to those who are cognitively diminished. She was also certified in 2015 by Dr. Susan Wehry as a master trainer for the OASIS education program for improved care of residents with dementia.

Speedling is the author of two books devoted to common sense advice for meeting the holistic needs of an increasingly diverse and challenging community. Why is Grandma Screaming and Toward Better Behavior: Yours Mine & Everyone Else’s are now widely distributed to staff members at community, residential, and long term care facilities across the country and in Canada.

Blessed with boundless energy and tireless enthusiasm, Speedling also volunteers in her free time to offer caregiver education and support to families who need it most. Through her affiliations with local artists and musicians in her native New York City, she also arranges therapeutic music, dance, and wellness programming that improves the quality of life for local seniors.

Continuing Education

This webinar series has been approved for Continuing Education for 6 total participant hours by NAB/NCERS—Approval #20240313-6-A92004-DL. Attendance will be monitored throughout each webinar. Partial credit will not be awarded for individual webinars. The webinars will be recorded, but NAB credit is only provided to registered participating attendees of the live sessions.

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