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SMART Questionnaire

What is SMART?

VHCA-VCAL’s Survey Management and Analysis Resource Tool (SMART) is a members-only tool to view and analyze current trends and patterns in the Long Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP).  SMART can provide you with detailed information about survey results for nursing centers and regions via statewide and custom comparison reports for a range of metrics and user-specified date ranges.

How You Can Use SMART

SMART takes a deep-dive into the specifics of what a citation was really about.  Beyond the publicly reported information, SMART provides the severity and detailed descriptions for why the F-Tag was cited. The data in SMART can be further analyzed to learn the top five reasons and up to three additional sub-descriptions for a citation of a specific tag.

From this example, we see F-Tag 758 – Free from Unnec Psychotropic Meds/PRN Use. Because the F-Tag title is so broad, only by using SMART would you learn the specific medication classifications without having to read the relevant 2567. SMART will also tell you that it was cited at an E-Level severity.


It’s easy to get SMART! Simply click request user login and complete the online request to have your SMART account access established. For VHCA-VCAL members who have submitted survey information, online access will be set-up and instructions will be sent back to the individual who made the request within two working days.

Already received your login and password? You’re ready to go!

Keeping SMART Up-to-Date

Your data helps us learn what surveyors are citing. Remember to submit your most recent 2567 report and OLC cover letter to SMART. Please forward these items to Mary Chiles at mary@chileshealthcare.com or mail hard copies to:

Chiles Healthcare Consulting LLC
1908 Maple Shade Lane
Richmond, VA 23227