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6.5 percent of Virginia’s NFs Still Not Registered for PBJ

6.5 percent of Virginia’s NFs Still Not Registered for PBJ

CMS has provided a state-by-state list of the percentage of nursing centers that have not yet registered for the Payroll Based Journal (PBJ).  While the vast majority of Virginia’s centers are registered (93.5 percent), 6.5 percent or 18 centers have yet to register for the system.

Only five other states have a higher percentage of registered centers than Virginia.  CMS indicated it was not permitted to provide center-specific information on those facilities that have not registered for PBJ. 

CMS staff has yet to determine what penalties to impose on nursing centers who have not shown a good faith effort to comply with this Requirement of Participation.  Nursing centers must submit their PBJ data by November 14, 2016 for the first reporting quarter (July-September 2016).  AHCA advises that it is likely that simply registering by the deadline will not be sufficient to reflect a facility’s “good faith effort.”

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