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Attack Ads Resurface

Attack Ads Resurface

VHCA-VCAL member nursing centers are again the subject of attack ads placed by a Florida-based plaintiffs’ firm. If your center is the subject of an ad, or if you see an ad in one of your local papers, please contact VHCA-VCAL Vice President of Strategy and Communications Amy Hewett immediately.  Additional resources are available in our Attack Ad Toolkit.

In July and August the Wilkes & McHugh law firm targeted over 35 Virginia nursing homes with a series of paid advertisements in 17 newspapers. The latest ads ran in the Winchester Star, the Blackstone Register-Courier, and the South Boston News & Record on October 10, 2018.

We anticipate that the firm will place additional ads in Virginia newspapers in the coming weeks to solicit medical malpractices cases. VHCA-VCAL is continuing to work aggressively to respond to the ads to blunt the impact for members.

We encourage members to review and use the resources in the Attack Ad Toolkit to prepare for a potential ad. VHCA-VCAL will respond to each ad by filing a complaint with the Virginia State Bar and by submitting a letter to the editor to the publication that published the ad. 

If you have questions about how to respond to one of these ads or need additional support, please contact Amy Hewett at (804) 212-1691 or