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Convention and Trade Show Committee

Plans the agenda, content, location, and combination of services to be provided at each convention and trade show.

Chairperson: Pam Doshier
Vice Chair: Debbie Spruill
VHCA Staff: Doran Hutchinson

Education Committee

Assesses the training and educational needs of the membership. Plans and executes programs to meet those needs.

Chairperson: Betty DeOrnellas
Vice Chair: Vacant
VHCA Staff: Doran Hutchinson

Health Planning Committee

Reviews health planning related regulations of the Department of Health and offers recommendations concerning the state Medical Facilities Plan and COPN regulations.

Chairperson: David Tucker
Vice Chair: Vacant
VHCA Staff: Keith Hare

Nurse Scholarship Committee

Solicits and interviews scholarship candidates and selects recipients.

Chairperson: Sharon Darby
Vice Chair: Karen Stanfield
VHCA Staff: Kathy Robertson

Payment for Services Committee

Monitors payment, regulation, and financial matters and makes recommendations on issues for the Association to pursue.

Chairperson: Al Shrieves
Vice Chairs:
Jenny Greenwell
Carol R. Kroboth
VHCA Staff: Steve Ford

Quality and Regulatory Committee

Formerly the Quality of Care and Regulatory Committees, this committee focuses on quality improvement trends and initiatives, monitors state agency regulatory activity, and recommends any needed changes.

Chairperson: Lance Long | Pam Clark
Vice Chair: Ben Higgins | Paul Clements
VHCA Staff: April Payne

Virginia Center for Assisted Living Committee

Addresses issues and trends relevant to assisted living facilities in Virginia. Monitors legislation impacting assisted living facilities and suggests appropriate educational programs.

Chairperson: Robin Gordon
Vice Chair: Brian Grahame
VHCA Staff: April Payne

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