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NAB, ACHCA Introduce Two New Training Programs

NAB, ACHCA Introduce Two New Training Programs

nab-logoThe National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) and the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) have introduced two new training programs. Volunteers from all aspects of the long term care industry worked together to form the NAB/ACHCA Administrator in Training (AIT) manual as well as the four part digital Preceptor training course.

According to the November 11, 2016 press release from NAB and ACHCA, NAB recommends that all states adopt the NAB/ACHCA AIT Training Program and Preceptor Training Course as their state standard requirements.

Essentially, the Administrator-in-Training (AIT) and Preceptor Programs go hand-in-hand: the AIT Program is a supervised internship, during which the AIT works and trains under a Preceptor’s guidance. Click here to read more about the program.

Under the new structure:

Goals of the AIT Program

Working together, the AIT and Preceptor develop their particular program based on education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities.  The National AIT program has three goals:

  1. Spur and enhance the AIT’s professional development in the field of long term care (LTC) administration
  2. Equip the AIT with the tools and knowledge they will need as an administrator
  3. Engage the AIT in observing and participating in activities associated with administration or resident/patient care

Goals of Online Preceptor Training Program

The Preceptor Training Program focuses on four goals:

  1. Show the basics of how AIT experiences work
  2. Recognize that the preceptor’s relationship with the AIT is more critical to their success than any factual information the preceptor could impart
  3. Prepare the preceptor to lead in building a relationship that embodies mutual respect, trust, honesty and acceptance of risk
  4. Ensure the preceptor will be both a guide and a role model as s/he facilitates the orientation, development, and professional growth of their AIT

While the training programs are copyrighted, they may be used without a fee, though they cannot be used as stand-alone revenue generating programs.