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Suicide and Self-Harm in the Residential Elderly

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Acts of suicide, ideation, and self-harm in later life is a highly-prevalent, but minimally-researched and uncomfortably discussed topic in the United States. Yet the older adult presents with many or all of the primary risk factors:  mental illness (especially depression and grief/loss), medical illness, impaired coping skills, social disconnectedness, and functional impairment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, stress, anxiety, fear, and sadness can all exacerbate or result in symptoms of depression. Further, life transitions experienced by the elderly including changes in housing of oneself or one’s spouse exacerbate the risk, making the transition to assisted living or long term care a crucial point to deliver screening and intervention.

With depression as a third-level split in the PDPM Special Care High category, how prepared are you and your staff to address the identification of depression in the elderly population, and what signs go beyond depression to reveal active suicidal or self-harm risk? During this one-hour webinar, Kathleen Weissberg with Select Rehabilitation will discuss prevalence of suicidality in long term care settings, the signs and behaviors which point to elevated risk, steps to improve the comfort and ability of staff to conduct effective interviews and risk assessments, the particularly high risks facing the incoming Baby Boomer population, and additional tips for addressing depression in this pivotal time.


Kathleen Weissberg | Director of Education | Select Rehabilitation

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This program has been approved for Continuing Education for 1 total participant hour by NAB/NCERS—Approval #20210803-1-A68464-DL. Attendance will be monitored throughout the webinar. Partial credit will not be awarded. The webinar will be recorded, but NAB credit is only provided to registered participating attendees of the live session.

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